Opposing Common Core: 4 Oklahomans are the REAL ‘Moms Demanding Action’

Opposing Common Core: 4 Oklahomans are the REAL ‘Moms Demanding Action’

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[U]nder Democratic governor Brad Henry, a cash-strapped Oklahoma legislature subscribed to the Common Core initiative as part of a deal to pass a teacher-evaluation process.

“These guys [supporting Common Core] thought, Were smart, weve got money, we know better, these people wont even get it, theyll just be so happy that we said, Look, your kids can be smarter, and theyll just go with it,” [activist mom Jenni] White said. “I don’t think they counted on people understanding that this was a nationalization of education, that you were taking power away from us, not giving it. And that is really what has caused a movement on this issue all across the United States.”

State senator Josh Brecheen was not in office when the adoption of Common Core passed in 2010, but he led the repeal fight in that chamber this spring. A rancher by trade, he compared the states that scrambled for federal funding to the feral hogs he has to bait and trap. “You get them dependent on a free handout long enough, and you can get them in that live trap,” Brecheen told NRO. “What’s happened to states is the same thing as what you would see in that scenario. We’ve been baited, and we’ve surrendered our freedom because of a free handout. And I think Oklahomans became aware of that, and that’s why we’ve had success this session.” …

“The movement grew so quickly and with so little public notice that opposition was initially almost  nonexistent,” wrote the Washington Post in an article headlined “How Bill Gates Pulled Off the Swift Common Core Revolution.”

Jenni White and her merry band of mothers decided it was time for a little visible opposition. In a textbook rollout of a retail political campaign, they started a repeal–Common Core movement in Oklahoma.

“It was mainly social-media-driven, outside of us going to various places all around the state,” she recalls. “We started creating memes before memes really took off.” Joy Collins provided a lot of the creative spark for that operation, while [Lyn] Habluetzel and [Julia] Seay focused on researching Common Core and handling the organizational logistics of grassroots events, in addition to visiting the state capitol to give handouts to legislators. …

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Brecheen, White, and other Oklahoma opponents of Common Core also dislike the humanities standards. The Osage County Republican chairman sent every Oklahoma senator a copy ofThe Story Killers, by Hillsdale College professor Terrence O. Moore. The book contained examples of classroom instruction derived from Common Core–aligned teacher editions of high-school curricula. Moore describes one such sample lesson on the collapse of the Soviet Union: It emphasized Mikhail Gorbachev’s role while downplaying Ronald Reagan’s and entirely ignoring Reagan’s “Tear down this wall” speech at the Brandenburg Gate. Story Killers helped convince Brecheen that Common Core would inculcate in students a bias in favor of leftist political philosophy.

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