The GOP establishment ‘endorses’ Ted Cruz 2016

The GOP establishment ‘endorses’ Ted Cruz 2016

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is the Republican establishment’s man in 2016.

No, really, you read that right. I haven’t gone crazy, and Cruz hasn’t gone Colonel Kurtz, like so many other conservatives we send to Washington, D.C., have. Once they breathe in the airborne contagion known as RCV (“ruling class virus”), the only known cure becomes term limits and primaries.

Instead, what’s happening here is conservatives are looking for a champion to use as a sledgehammer against the toxic combination of Obamaism on the Left and corporatism on the Right, which is embedded like concrete in our body politic nowadays. The problem for grassroots conservatives, who are hesitant about believing in anyone again after having been disappointed so many times, is which one in a potentially star-studded 2016 GOP field of candidates is the one?

For a Republican base that doesn’t like the leadership of its party much more than it likes the Marxist leadership in the White House, seeing the dreaded establishment suffer apoplectic meltdowns and frothing-at-the-mouth at the mere mention of Cruz’s name is exactly the branding they’re looking for. People are looking for a proxy for their wrath. By their own actions, GOP elites are making the case to a fed-up base that Cruz is your champion better than Cruz himself ever could.

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