Our war in Iraq will be won by Iran

Our war in Iraq will be won by Iran

The good news is under the leadership of President Barack Hussein Obama, this nation’s global stature has increased dramatically.

The bad news is this nation is Iran.

President Obama previously told Iran’s terrorist-supporting regime “if you like your current nuclear program, you can keep it.” Last week he all but told the Iranians “if you like our new Iraq, you can have it.”

By urging “Iraq’s neighbors” (see that as Iran) to bear at least some of the responsibility for squashing the Al Qaeda-inspired rebellion against Iraq’s fledgling government, the President of these United States continues to elevate the legitimacy of the enemy regime in Iran for reasons known only to Allah.

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Of course, the Iranians have gotten the message they’re now at the big boy table loud and clear.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani proudly says his country is ready to help Iraq because — get this — Iran has “no option but to confront terrorism.” You can’t make this stuff up. They may hate Israel in Tehran, but even the politicians there embody a good Yiddish word like “chutzpah.”

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