Obama’s being pretty stupid for a smart guy

Obama’s being pretty stupid for a smart guy

[Ed. – ‘Off the charts’ in which direction?]

President Obama has an IQ “off the charts,” as Michael Beschloss told Don Imus in November 2008, in the first fine flush of Obama-mania.

Unfortunately, he didn’t specify which end of the chart it was off of, but at the moment it doesn’t look high.

It takes one to know one, and sure enough, the “smartest guy to ever become president” pulled off perhaps the dumbest ploy in recent American history when he posed in the Rose Garden with the parents of the disturbed young man and possible Army deserter for whose sake he had freed five of the planet’s most dangerous people, while the boy’s father, a “Duck Dynasty” beard on the front of his face and a ponytail dangling from its posterior aspect, touchingly spoke in Pashto.

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Not present were the friends and relations of the six or eight servicemen who may well have died while looking for him after he walked away from his unit, but they quickly made their presence and their hard feelings felt. And from then on, life, which had been hard enough on our genius-turned-president, what with the Benghazi and Veterans Affairs and Internal Revenue Service scandals, became a rapidly unfolding hell.

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