Obama’s fat lady has sung

Obama’s fat lady has sung

In October of 2005, I was one of the first to experience the W, T, and F to come October 3rd. Here at RedState, I had legitimately been breaking news about George W. Bush’s Supreme Court appointments. First came John Roberts. Then came, not Samuel Alito, but Harriet Miers.


Harriet Miers was Bush’s “Emperor Has No Clothes” moment. But it took his own side to do it. It always takes a President’s own side to do him in. And once they start, it becomes hard for them to stop.

Once they have the power to start undermining their own guy’s foundation, they feel powerful, emboldened, and in a second term feel like they might be helping lay the foundations for the successor anyway. So they do it with a mostly clear conscience convinced they’re actually helping the next nominee by shutting down the present President.

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I’m reminded of all this by Ron Fournier’s column today. Democrats are beginning behave as Republicans did headed into 2006.

The level of disquiet among Democrats reminds me of President George W. Bush’s second term, when my best sources were frustrated Republicans. (Interviewing Republicans today is like interviewing Democrats in 2006: predictably partisan, rarely insightful.)

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