Time to think big or shut up on gun control

Time to think big or shut up on gun control

[Ed. – And shutting up is not an option.]

Anyone else tired of the same old bullsh*t we see after every gun-shooting spree?  It’s on display again these past two weekends as gunmen bent on killing as many people as possible struck in SeattleGeorgia, and Santa Barbara.

The news breaks of these incidents and the gun forces spring into action. Those seeking to end gun violence demand new laws be enacted. We see press conferences featuring grieving parents making impassioned pleas like, “Not one more.”

This is, of course, met by the pro-gun forces urging people not to politicize a tragedy. Or worse, people like “Joe the Plumber” callously saying, in essence, “I don’t care if your kid dies as long as I have unlimited access to guns.”The NRA and Joe the Plumber view dead Americans as an acceptable loss so that they can have easy access to guns.

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And then comes the politicians. They respond by doing nothing.

It’s a lot like Groundhog Day, only, as opposed to a feel good comedy starring Bill Murray, it’s the real world where over 30 people are murdered with guns every day in the United States.

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