America: Beware of single-payer health care

America: Beware of single-payer health care

Before Bowe Bergdahl dominated the headlines, the country was engrossed by the Veterans Affairs scandal. The VA was subjecting veterans to onerous wait times while massaging the data to show otherwise.

Much has been said about how poorly this reflects on President Obama’s managerial prowess. Secretary Eric Shinseki, a hero of the last war, has already been forced to resign. And the conduct of the bureaucrats involved was, in Shinseki’s own words, “indefensible.”

The real lesson of the VA scandal, however, is even more sobering. It’s that a single-payer healthcare system would be a calamity in the United States. Given the political difficulty of enacting Obamacare, which mainly subsidizes private insurance, and the fact that Medicaid expansion stops well short of single-payer health care, discussing the possibility of a single-payer system may not seem terribly relevant.

Think again. Dr. Toby Cosgrove, formerly considered a front runner to take over Shinseki’s post at the VA, predicted Obamacare would lead to single-payer health care. Donald Berwick, dubbed Obamacare’s “founding CEO,” is running on single-payer health care in his campaign for governor of Massachusetts, where Obamacare has destroyed the Romneycare system that spawned it.

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