Exemptions from the contraception mandate violate the Golden Rule, or something

Exemptions from the contraception mandate violate the Golden Rule, or something

[Ed. – This can hardly be used as a justification for government policy, of course, since there must be a wall of separation between church and state.  The Constitution says so.  Any leftist caught quoting Jesus in service of public policy will be sent immediately to the penalty box.  Meanwhile, the Founders will be relieved to know that we have finally migrated toward a more perfect understanding of what defines freedom.  Freedom is having your contraception and abortion services paid for by others.  Where another person’s freedom ends is where you enter the pharmacy counter waiting line at Wal-Mart.  Bonus:  unfounded hysteria feature!]

Most embarrassing of all is the specter of people asking in the name of religion for permission to discriminate. This flies in the face of what every world religion claims in their own version of the Golden Rule: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Such a “golden rule” is the great common teaching among all religions, an understanding shared with non-religious people, atheists, humanists and most civilized societies. Why would some religious people want an exemption from following a core teaching of their religion?

Ostensibly, the devoutly religious owners of the Hobby Lobby chain of craft stores (no one is disputing the Greens’ sincerity or devotion) do not want to fund the contraception coverage offered in the Affordable Care Act because they consider certain types of birth control to be abortificients [sic]. …

Religious freedom and liberty is a precious right, guaranteed by our Constitution. But shouldn’t such freedom to practice one’s religion stop where another person’s freedom and liberty start?  Under the Affordable Care Act, which is the law of the land whether or not one likes it, access to contraceptive care is a right extended to those covered by health insurance plans. Should the  Hobby Lobby owners’ personal religion—and their denial of the scientific, factual evidence to the contrary—be allowed to trump the rights of their employees and their families to exercise their right of access to contraceptive care? Surely not. …

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Most disturbing of all to those of us in the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community is the threat of our hard-won civil rights being abridged and denied, all in the name of religious belief. Don’t get me wrong; while I don’t agree with religious condemnation of homosexuality, I would die in the ditch for protecting churches, synagogues, mosques and other truly religious entities from having to ordain or marry LGBT people, based on their religion. But how long will it take for religiously-sponsored homeless shelters to reject homosexual clients? Will doctors be free, based on their personal religious beliefs, to deny medical services to gay patients? Will hospitals run or owned by religious institutions be free to deny health services to those who are LGBT—or for that matter, to cohabiting-but-unmarried heterosexuals? 

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