Citizen prohibited from disrupting government meetings with cartwheels

Citizen prohibited from disrupting government meetings with cartwheels

[Ed. – What a bunch of party-poopers.  Proving once again that the progressive left has no ingenuity or sense of humor; after all, this energetic old gal is a proponent of what they’re pushing at the Maricopa Council of Governments: traveling without a car.  Seems like they could find a way to incorporate and leverage her enthusiasm.  Of course, it’s a good thing that they can’t.  The last thing these Agenda 21-driven local-government groups should have is positive publicity.  Oh, and Ms. Barker is a Buckeye.]

Phoenix woman, Dianne “DD” Barker, is an energetic 65-year-old community activist who has found herself in some hot water with a local government agency. Barker was recently sent a letter from the attorney representing the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG), which insisted that she “must immediately cease performing cartwheels at MAG meetings.”

DD is standing up for, what she feels is, her right of self-expression. The former Ohio State cheerleader told KSAZ Fox 10 that to her, the cartwheel is, ”…something I found out that I could do that is enjoyable, and definitely expresses my passion.” She’s been taking that passion to the MAG meetings where she is often heard and seen commenting while cartwheeling to emphasize her points. “I said you know something you need to have passion in what you’re doing,” Barker said. She is a proponent of “multimodal traveling,” (traveling without a car) and cartwheels to show the benefits of an active lifestyle.

The planning agency’s attorney stated in the letter that MAG had, over many years, repeatedly told Barker to stop performing cartwheels because of the potential injuries they could cause and their disruptive nature. …

“Well, it’s disappointing, but I feel that there’s no reason for me to go and try to prove that, you know, I have an ego and that I’m right or wrong, to do it again,” Barker told KPHO CBS 5. DD says that she will follow the order and refrain from doing cartwheels, but she is working on a new move: a flip. She said, “The cartwheel isn’t the end of it. I’m walking down the wall backwards and getting myself in shape for doing a back over.”

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