Great news: The Russians are really starting to hate us

Great news: The Russians are really starting to hate us

[Ed. – It’s inexplicable what seems to go on in the head of a left-wing collectivist.  How do you get so insulated from normal human interaction that you think an armed, restive rival can be dealt with by begging for friendship?  R-E-S-P-E-C-T is what it’s all about.  Without respect, the little punishments you still have the power to inflict are merely a source of annoyance and resentment.  For Russia, cohabiting the planet with Obama’s America is like living with a passive-aggressive family member.  Of course, maybe that stupid button Hillary Clinton gave really did mean “overcharge.”]

MOSCOW — Anti-American sentiment here is growing as Russia responds to Western sanctions over Ukraine, and that is worrying expats and foreigners in this country.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a controversial law this week making it a criminal offense to fail to report dual citizenship. It’s a bid to keep track of potential foreign agents. Russian citizens who also hold a U.S. passport or one from another country have 60 days to notify the Federal Migration Service of their status or face a fine of nearly $6,000.

A survey published Thursday by the Levada Center, an independent pollster, shows that 71% of Russians view the United States “badly” or “very badly” — the highest in more than 20 years, with more positive attitudes registered during the Soviet era.

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While that hasn’t translated into outright aggression, it is sparking some additional curiosity toward foreigners in the street.

“My husband … recently had the experience of running into a man in a store who didn’t like that our son was communicating in English,” said Natalia Antonova, a Ukrainian-American journalist and playwright who lives in Moscow.

The man, Antonova said, told them that their son “shouldn’t be” bilingual. ” ‘Just teach him Russian. It’s for the best.’ The man wasn’t aggressive or anything. He just explained that he’s a patriot, and it’s important to encourage patriotic feelings.”

Russia has highlighted the political motive of the new law, pointing to potential “enemies.”

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