New Argentine government post: Secretary of ‘national thought’

New Argentine government post: Secretary of ‘national thought’

[Ed. – You’ve got to hand it to the Argentines.  They know how to front creepy statist collectivism with well-groomed women.  Props to the Brits, too, for continuing to pick up on these developments in their mainstream media, which is more than ours can manage these days.  With that taken care of, we move on to the question of whether the new cabinet officer seems to be a coordinator of strategic national thought, or a strategic coordinator of national thought, or a national strategic coordinator of thought.  Whichever it is, the prospective incumbent promises his portfolio isn’t about imposing uniformity of thought.  Maybe it’s just about making sure everybody’s thinking the same thing.  We report, you decide.]

Argentina’s President Cristina Kirchner has created a new post: secretary for strategic co-ordination of national thought.

Opposition leaders immediately derided the initiative, with some bristling over what they see as the post’s fascist overtones.

“With a year and a half to go before they leave office, they could have named someone to act instead of think,” said Ernesto Sanz, head of the opposition Radical Civic Union.

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Ricardo Forster, who was named to the post, said the idea was to “build networks among academics and intellectuals who are thinking about joint projects in Latin America”.

He said it had nothing to do with trying to inculcate “uniformity of thought”.

The 56-year-old trained philosopher is a member of a circle of intellectuals close to Kirchner, whose term ends in 2015.

“It’s pathetic and deplorable to designate a strategic secretary for national thought, as if those who aren’t Kichneristas are not national,” said Federico Pinedo, head of a conservative bloc in the lower house.

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