Memo: ‘Dream Act’ influx of minors is battering border security resources

Memo: ‘Dream Act’ influx of minors is battering border security resources

[Ed. – It does take considerably more resources to deal with thousands of unaccompanied children.  Adults can be turned loose at bus stations if all else fails, but most of us still can’t square it with our consciences to do that to kids.  It’s well to remember that the larger problem here is that overstretched resources mean more of the adults are getting in too — and we have no way to take lawful action against that problem.]

The deluge of unaccompanied children crossing the border illegally is “compromising” the government’s ability to combat other border threats and has been incentivized by government policies, according to a leaked internal draft memo from Deputy Chief of Border Patrol Ronald D. Vitiello.

“Specifically, the large quantity of DHS interdiction, intelligence, investigation, processing, detention and removal resources currently being dedicated to address [unaccompanied alien children] is compromising DHS capabilities to address other transborder criminal areas, such as human smuggling and trafficking, and illicit drug, weapons, commercial and financial operations,” Vitiello’s memo, obtained by the Center for Immigration Studies and viewed by Breitbart News, reads.

“Insufficient attention to these mission areas will have immediate and potentially long lasting impacts on criminal enterprise operations within the Rio Grande Valley and across the country,” it adds.

The document is dated May 30, titled “Unaccompanied Alien Children Transfer Process Bottleneck,” and reveals that DHS expects the number of UAC apprehensions this fiscal year to be greater than 90,100 and next fiscal year to be 142,000. …

Vitiello further noted that certain government policies are serving as additional incentives for illegal entry.

“Releasing other than Mexican family units, credible fear claims, and low-threat aliens on their own recognizance, along with facilitating family reunification of UAC in lieu of repatriation to their country of citizenship, serve as incentives for additional individuals to follow the same path,” Vitiello wrote.

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