Great news: Insurers suing cities for not preparing for ‘climate change’

Great news: Insurers suing cities for not preparing for ‘climate change’

[Ed. – Follow the money, always.  “Climate change” is one big shakedown scam from start to finish.  It’s also, of course, a pretext for emergency powers and enforced collectivism.  But while we’re waiting for the state to wither away, keep your eye on the money.  There’s always someone with a sharp eye for the next main chance.]

After several days of ground-saturating rain last April, an early-morning train of intense storm cells passed over the greater Chicago area and overwhelmed the region’s stormwater and sewage systems. Water gushed out of sewer inlets and backed up into basements.

“There was just nowhere for this water to go,” Marilyn Sucoe, the stormwater administrator for the Village of Lisle, a ring suburb west of Chicago that was affected by the flooding, told NBC News.

The village was among about 200 municipalities named in the nine class-action lawsuits filed in March by Farmers Insurance Group.

It was “the first loud shot in what I think will be a long-term set of litigation battles over failure to prepare for climate change,” Michael Gerrard, who directs the Center for Climate Change Law at Columbia University in New York, told NBC News.

The subsidiary of the international firm Zurich Insurance Group argued in its lawsuit that the cities knew climate change had raised the frequency, duration, and intensity of regional rainfall since the 1970s and acknowledged vulnerabilities to increased flooding by adopting a Climate Action Plan in 2008. …

“One could easily imagine architects and engineers being accused of professional malpractice for designing structures that don’t withstand foreseeable climate-related events,” he said.

Cities could become liable for negligence too if they, for example, decide to ignore new vulnerabilities exposed by a changing climate, according to Sean Hecht, a co-director of the Emmett Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the University of California at Los Angeles’ law school.

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