Obama: Bergdahl would have been killed if Congress had been informed

Obama: Bergdahl would have been killed if Congress had been informed

[Ed. – The Obama administration is nothing if it isn’t inconsistent. Initially, the White House claimed that concerns over Bowe Bergdahl’s declining health prompted immediate action — that there was no time to consult with of Congress, as required by law. In spite of that contention, yesterday the president apologized to Dianne Feinstein, chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, for not informing Congress. Today the story has changed again.]

Army POW Bowe Bergdahl would have been killed if word had leaked about the five-for-one trade that secured his release, officials said Thursday.

The Obama administration has been telling senators that it couldn’t give Congress 30 days’ notice, as mandated by law, because Taliban captors had threatened to kill Bergdahl if secrecy hadn’t been maintained, congressional sources told the Associated Press.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel might have been alluding to that fear when he said Sunday that “questions about his [Bergdahl’s] safety” prevented the White House from letting Congress in on the deal.

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US Sen. Angus King [I-Maine] on Thursday virtually confirmed that AP report, saying the White House was under incredible pressure to keep a lid on the Bergdahl talks.

“They had intelligence that, had even the fact of these discussions leaked out, there was a reasonable chance Bowe Bergdahl would have been killed,” King said.

Congressional leaders have been up in arms that they weren’t notified before the controversial swap.

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