5 things Obama doesn’t want you to know about the Taliban swap

5 things Obama doesn’t want you to know about the Taliban swap

1. Although Obama’s departing press secretary, Jay Carney, preferred strangely obtuse language to describe the soldier’s status (“Sergeant Bergdhal was in captivity for five years, held against his will”), the Army has routinely promoted Bergdahl, as often occurs with prisoners of war. He’s now a sergeant

2. Part of the appeal of Bergdahl’s release from Obama’s point of view is the largely unnoticed detail that it reduced the prisoner population at Guantanamo by five, down under 140. Obama vows a lot of things and one of his earliest promises was to close the prison. Congress stymied his efforts to bring the prisoners to the homeland.


3. Carney chose to portray the trade for Bergdahl as standard procedure in a war’s closing stages and his boss as following the hallowed American tradition of leaving no one behind in overseas government service.

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Awkward, since that’s precisely what Obama and Hillary Clinton did to the four Americans murdered that deadly night of Benghazi terrorist violence Sept. 11, 2012. But, of course, that’s a phony scandal.

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