NBC reporter: We’ve gotten more info on Bergdahl from Taliban than US

NBC reporter: We’ve gotten more info on Bergdahl from Taliban than US

File this comment away for the government transparency highlight reel.

NBC’s Richard Engel, reporting Wednesday outside the U.S. military hospital where Bowe Bergdahl is being treated in Germany, said that the Taliban have been more forward with providing information about the situation than the U.S. government. Engel said all he’s received in written statements from hospital spokespersons is news that Bergdahl’s health is stable and that he’ll be transferred back to the United States once he’s medically cleared.

“The Taliban, however, have been very forthcoming with information,” Engel said outside Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. He pointed specifically to a video the Taliban released supposedly showing Bergdahl being turned over to the Americans, and added that he received numerous details about the handoff from a Taliban spokesperson.

“[T]hey agreed that when the helicopter landed, only three people would approach from either side, so three Americans from the helicopter, the two Taliban militants and Bergdahl, that they — the Taliban needed to signal from the ground to the helicopter that it was, in fact, that group of Taliban that had him,” Engel said. “So the Americans had initially requested that they shine a green light in the air. The Taliban went back and said, ‘Well, we don’t have a green light, how about a white flag?’ The Americans said fine — this is all according to a Taliban spokesman.”

A Pentagon spokesman said the government had “no reason to doubt the video’s authenticity,” but that it was still reviewing it.

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