10 drunkest states in the U.S.

10 drunkest states in the U.S.

10th Least Drunk State: North Carolina

One of 18 alcohol beverage control (ABC) states, North Carolina’s government has a tight hand over when, where and how much booze you can buy. On Sunday, the state bans beer and wine purchases before noon and all alcohol retailers must shut shop.

Total pure alcohol consumed: 2.01 gallons of ethanol (pure alcohol) per person

Beer: 186.68 cans per person (based on 4.5% alcohol content in a 16 oz. can)

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Wine: 14.68 bottles per person (based on 12.9% alcohol content in a 25 oz. bottle)

Spirits: 5.5 bottles per person (based on 40% alcohol content in a 1-liter vodka bottle)

9th Least Drunk State: Ohio

Outside of college football parties, Ohio keeps it fairly tame, no doubt due to the state’s restrictive alcohol laws. The state government enforces a 12% alcohol content cap on beer, and 21% cap on wine. As usual, the Buckeye State keeps its drinking age at 21, but those under 18 are permitted alcohol beverages with content less than 0.5% if accompanied by a parent or, creepily, legal-age spouse.

Total pure alcohol consumed: 1.98 gallons per person

Beer: 215 cans per person

Wine: 11.1 bottles per person

Spirits: 4.6 bottles per person

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