The ugliness of rich busybodies like FLOTUS dictating food choices to the poor

The ugliness of rich busybodies like FLOTUS dictating food choices to the poor

When I was on Family Medical Leave Act to care for my elderly father, I got my first taste of the local food pantry.  The guidelines were strict…  You could not refuse any food, or you would be banned from all food pantries.

At first I was happy with the meat they offered: Tubes of plain hamburger or frozen chicken.  My parents were both on salt restricted diets, and I could prepare the food the way I wanted.  One day I walked in and saw that all they had in the meat category were Bar-S hotdogs… loaded with salt.  I groaned and looked at another pantry visitor as I said, “Is that really all they have for meat?”  The pantry worker heard me and gave me a very loud dressing down in front of everyone.  “If you have to ask what kind of meat we have then you don’t really need to be here.  I’ve been instructed to ban anyone who asks about meat from all food pantries!  If you leave here right now without taking the food, I’ll see to it you are banned!” …

So when I began reading Michelle Obama’s “potato manifesto” in the New York Times yesterday, I found myself sputtering and stammering again; but there was nothing quiet about my anger.  “Institute of Medicine be damned!” I grumbled.  “Why is Michelle Obama writing an opinion piece on white potatoes?  Stay out of our lives!  Stay out of our children’s lives!” …

I understand there need to be restrictions on government food programs; I just don’t understand why everything is turning into a government food program. 

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The comments under Obama’s NY Times potato piece were almost worse than the article.  There is nothing more sickening than a bunch of rich people who think they are experts on what poor people should eat.  Liberals think conservatives are the condescending “rich people,” but it wasn’t conservatives who were vehemently condemning the potato in defense of Obama.  It was, as usual, the Birkenstock, hybrid car, solar panel, legalize pot, liberal crowd who can spend ten minutes lecturing anyone who will listen that McDonald’s french fries and 7-Eleven Big Gulps are the gateway to hell.   These are the same people that say they want wealth redistribution to “raise up the poor,” while simultaneously lobbying to wipe out our food supply in an effort to abolish cow flatulence and those nasty smelling pig and chicken farms.

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