Climate skeptics are delusional if they think they’ve won the fight

Climate skeptics are delusional if they think they’ve won the fight

The climate change issue has collapsed. The public has moved on. The skeptics won.

You hear some variation on this refrain here and there as the climate hysteria industry goes full froth in tandem with the gradual release of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fifth Assessment Report. You hear it at grassroots gatherings. You read it on blogs.

But really, after all these years admitting that executive power is the only way to move (tepidly) forward on environmentalist policy is basically admitting defeat. Has there ever been a movement that’s spent as much time, energy and treasure and gotten so little in return? I suspect there are three reasons for this failure: 1. It’s difficult to fight basic economics. 2. On energy, Americans, despite what they say, have no desire to try (nor should they). 3. It’s getting more difficult, not less, to believe environmental doom and gloom.

Viewed narrowly, Harsanyi’s notion has some salience. But expand the scope of the climate issue just a little, and this notion becomes pure delusion.

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