Democrats try to run out the clock on VA scandal

Democrats try to run out the clock on VA scandal

It’s comically obvious that the Democrats (and their good buddy, “independent” socialist Bernie Sanders of Vermont) are fully committed to the Obama Scandal Damage Control playbook over the VA outrage.  They’re going to try to drag this thing out for months, and hope the public loses interest.  The delaying tactics are painfully obvious.  In one voice, everyone from President Obama and Secretary for Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki, to Administration flacks and congressional Democrats, is saying: slow down, wait for more reports, forget about this story, stop asking what Obama’s been doing for the last five years.

The endgame is easy to see: crucial news cycles will roll by with friendly media having nothing fresh to report – because we’ve got to wait for more studies and reports before jumping to any conclusions, don’t you know! – and the tides of the 24-hour news grind will wash the whole thing away.  It’s Fast and Furious, Benghazi, ObamaCare, and the IRS scandal all over again, except it’s even more transparent this time.

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives acted swiftly to pass the VA Management Accountability Act this week, with a lopsided vote of 390-33.  The bill would have swept aside bureaucratic obstacles and given the VA Secretary the ability to clean house by swiftly terminating those who orchestrated the appalling treatment of veterans, and the ensuing cover-up.  In other words, Obama and Shinseki would have to put their money where their mouths are.  And we can’t have that, so the urgency of the House was quickly dissipated in the Democrat-controlled Senate.  The Heritage Foundation hears the loud snores emerging from the meadows where Harry Reid’s caucus slumbers:

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