Why the ‘check your privilege’ crowd won’t win

Why the ‘check your privilege’ crowd won’t win

It’s been a wonderful year for radicalism in America. From the university system to the press to the office, extremists have successfully shifted the discussion in their favor. There’s a concept in political theory called the Overton Window—a narrow range, within the broad spectrum of possible policies, that is considered politically acceptable…. One might also apply the Overton Window concept to public opinion and not just government policy. And this is where the extremists have won such great victories. They’ve been fighting at both edges of the window, and they’ve successfully moved both edges to the left.


Though America is clearly at a moment of political realignment, it remains a generally centrist and tolerant country. As the writer Jonathan Rauch argued after the purge of that tech executive that didn’t like gay marriage, “when gay-marriage opponents claim that a new reign of terror is abroad in the land…please remember that the large majority of gay and lesbian Americans share with the large majority of conservatives and Christians a desire to live and let live, and it is those large majorities that will prevail in our majoritarian country.”

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