Obama channels Jimmy Carter on climate change

Obama channels Jimmy Carter on climate change

President Obama sounded a lot like Jimmy Carter when he released his doomsday report on global warming, er, climate change.

It was 34 years ago that Carter issued his own primal scream, called “The Global 2000 Report,” about the coming mass starvation from food shortages, the planet running out of oil and drinking water, overpopulation and other horrors. It was all bunk and contradicted by the subsequent real-world events, but now Obama is adopting the role of fearmonger in chief.

Obama reiterated the usual mantra of a “scientific consensus about global warming” and then he added this dire warning: “We want to emphasize to the public that climate change is not some problem in the distant future. It is happening right now whether that means increased flooding, more vulnerability to drought or severe wildfires.” You can’t even run for the hills because they will be on fire.

What the president didn’t say in his doomsday report is that the vaunted climate change models have already been wrong, wrong, wrong for the past decade.

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