Pow! Pocari Sweat – right to the moon!

Pow! Pocari Sweat – right to the moon!

[Ed. – For everyone who’s ever lived in Japan and found nothing but Pocari Sweat left in the vending machine. With apologies to Jackie Gleason.]

“Fly Me to the Moon” could serve as the new product slogan for Japanese sports drink Pocari Sweat. While Coca-Cola Japan’s Aquarius may have the fancier, more celestial name, Pocari Sweat is set to beat its competitor by becoming the first commercial sports drink to reach the moon.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., the maker of Pocari Sweat, revealed Thursday specific plans to launch a can of its popular drink into space and land it on the moon in October 2015.

The drink will be packed in powder form inside a special titanium can containing about 70 items. While it will look like a regular can of Pocari Sweat, it will be designed to endure the impact of launch and landing, temperature shifts, and higher levels of electromagnetic radiation from the sun, the company said.

Once there, the can won’t just become an additional item of space junk littering the moon, its mission will continue. Citing evidence from Nasa-funded scientists that water may exist below the moon’s surface, Otsuka hopes that astronauts will one day open the can and use local water to create Pocari Sweat from the powder.

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