5 aggravating ways grassroots conservatives screw themselves

5 aggravating ways grassroots conservatives screw themselves

The only thing that’s easier for a conservative than beating up on an establishment Republican is thrashing a liberal. What we don’t do so well is figuring out what we’re doing wrong.


Let me suggest something different. In fact, if you don’t remember another thing in this column, remember this and you’ll have the gist of everything I’m trying to get across.


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Why are we failing to do that?

1) We’re not reaching out to people who disagree with us:Let me say something that most conservatives reading this column won’t agree with: we don’t deserve to get more of the black vote.

We don’t.

Yes, it’s true that liberal policies have been a disaster for black Americans and conservative policies would benefit them. It’s also true that Republicans have been the real party of civil rights. Conservative Republicans fought slavery, Jim Crow laws, and segregation while liberal Democrats embraced all those things. Additionally, by and large, grassroots conservatives aren’t racists. Sure, there are a few racist conservatives, just like there are a few racist liberals, but they’re atypical. Grassroots conservatives love people like Allen West, Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams and Tim Scott just as much as Democrats love black liberals like Barack Obama.

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