Conundrum solved: Hillary C. and Eleanor Clift are just batty

Conundrum solved: Hillary C. and Eleanor Clift are just batty

I see no distinction between Hillary Clinton saying; “What difference does it make?” and Eleanor Clift’s statement that Ambassador Stevens, “wasn’t murdered, he died of smoke inhalation, hiding in a safe room” during Benghazi.

Both come from the same place.

Clift ‘n Clinton are both educated people – but they’re batty – not for what they said, but they actually themselves believe it when no one else – right, left, straight or back – does.

On a similar note I’d like to point out to Ms. Clift that JFK was not assassinated; he merely died in an incidence of road rage. Ring, ring, ring: “Hello, Dorkville? I think we found your Mayor..”

Folks, we have to stop driving ourselves nuts from a logical standpoint over what left-wingers say and start dealing with them as the damaged and fanatical individuals they are. Folks like Eleanor Clift and Hillary Clinton are not like you and I. …

Stop treating and dealing with zealous liberals as you would, say, if you had a dispute with your neighbor or your fellow teammate, business partner, baby-sitter, or mechanic. They’re not looking for a deal in the classic sense that a good deal is where both sides are happy.

The only good deal to these unyielding and angry Maoist wannabes is where their enemies are left demonized and a bit more of your rights have been suppressed.

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