It’s OK to be sentimental about Mother’s Day

It’s OK to be sentimental about Mother’s Day

There’s always someone who will tell you, most usually in a nattering voice, that Mother’s Day is all about the greeting card companies.

Or that Mother’s Day is only for the florists, chocolatiers and hectic Sunday restaurants and hotels offering impossibly crowded brunches.

But today, I’m not that someone.

Now, if you think Mother’s Day is too gender-specific, I politely invite you to go elsewhere, like France, where the words “mother” and “father” are under assault by the socialist government.

I suppose some fool will try that here, too, as government seeks to rearrange how we think. But I won’t budge.

Why? I’m old school enough to like Mother’s Day.

That small gift you give to her isn’t really the idea. It’s what comes after, when she opens the card and you share that look.


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