Houston ordinance would open all women’s facilities to transvestite men

Houston ordinance would open all women’s facilities to transvestite men

Houston Mayor Annise Parker has been facing political heat for proposing what she and city officials have titled an “equal rights ordinance.”  The Chairman of the Harris County Republican Party has dubbed the ordinance “Mayor Parker’s Sexual Predator Protection Act.”  …

The Greater Houston Partnership has endorsed the thirty-one page ordinance saying that the “ordinance will create a new equal rights chapter in municipal code that addresses discrimination in city employment, city contracting, housing, public accommodations and private employment.”  During the Annual Meeting in February, President and CEO Bob Harvey outlined the organization’s top priorities including “ensuring inclusivity and opportunity for all Houstonians.”  …

Jared Woodfill, Chairman of the Harris County Republican Party, argues that “Mayor Parker continues to grow the scope and size of government while forcing her liberal social agenda on the City of Houston.  Her most recent efforts include a proposed ordinance that provides an opportunity for sexual predators to have access to our families.  The Mayor’s proposed ordinance, among other things, requires Houston businesses to make all women’s bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms available to all who are dressed in female attire, without regard to biological sex.  Proposed NDO, Sec. 17-51(b) (the “Open Bathrooms Component”).  This provision subjects women and girls to sexual predators who are allegedly confused by their gender identity.”

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