‘Another idiot with a gun’

‘Another idiot with a gun’

[Ed. – James Taranto writes, “Reckless drivers kill people too, but that’s not an argument against the right to travel.”]

One of the many problems with the growing normalization of gun ownership is that a growing number of idiots will want to buy and keep guns for no particularly good reason, and a subset of those idiots will go on to kill people.

Witness the latest horror story, in which an 11-year-old Pennsylvania boy, Hunter Pederson, was shot dead by his uncle, Chad Olm.

Mr. Olm said Hunter and Mr. Olm’s son asked to see his collection of firearms. So he obligingly whipped out three guns, including a Glock 27 .40-caliber pistol with a laser sight. (Why Mr. Olm felt he needed such a weapon, or such an attachment, has not been explained, probably because there is no satisfying answer.)


[T]he killing of Hunter is a sign of how out-of-control the gun-owning fetish has become, and how little it has to do with anything the writers of the Constitution envisioned.


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