1 in 5 people say they would have sex with a robot

1 in 5 people say they would have sex with a robot

[Ed. – Another 2 out of the 5 say they already do.]
Would you have sex with a robot? If you answered yes, you’re not alone.
Forget raging against the machine: Some people would rather get nasty with it instead. A new survey has found that one in five U.K.-dwellers would be willing to have sex with robots, marking something of a leap in the realm of digitized romance.

Over 2,000 people were quizzed on their attitudes toward androids—with less than favorable results. Forty-six percent of participants said they felt that technology was progressing too quickly, while a third expressed fears that automatons posed a serious threat to humanity. The same number also believed that robots may soon replace key jobs, including those of soldiers, cops and teachers.

Middlesex University’s Professor Martin Smith, who oversaw the study, said, “While many of us worry about the role of technology and machines in modern society, robots are increasingly being developed for important roles that will help protect and improve our lives.” Protecting and improving is one thing, but replacing significant others in the bedroom does seem like a bit of a jump. Sure, a robot may perform all the necessary…functions, but just how much intimacy can be created between a human and a piece of erratically moving machinery?

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