MSM is Obama’s first and last hope on Benghazi

MSM is Obama’s first and last hope on Benghazi

[Ed. – Our old buddy, Doc Zero]

In response to More Buffoonery: Obama Flacks Mock Fox News’ Benghazi Coverage :

I think of all this as a series of coded commands to the White House’s media allies, calling the Praetorian Guard together one last time to close ranks and ignore the Benghazi story.  Team Obama has been describing this as an “old story” since before Hillary Clinton stood at that ceremony and repeated the “spontaneous video protest lie” right into the faces of the victims’ families.  The media has generally been very agreeable about passing that spin along to the public.

There are signs it isn’t going to work this time.  I’d fault Speaker Boehner for being so slow to launch a serious investigation, but now that it’s happening, there’s no way to ignore this story to death.  And at least a few people in the MSM, especially Jonathan Karl at ABC and the ever-reliable Jake Tapper at CNN, are pushing on this story.  They look personally insulted by the crap Jay Carney has been trying to feed them at White House briefings.

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