What if Rand Paul is right about foreign policy?

What if Rand Paul is right about foreign policy?

Here’s the case against Rand Paul’s 2016 presidential candidacy in a single line: He’s an isolationist in a party still controlled by interventionists when it comes to foreign policy.

And yet, a new poll out today suggests that dismissing Paul’s push to rethink when, where and how the United States involves itself in foreign entanglements is a mistake — and is missing a broader change in how Americans view our role in the world.

Check out this question in the NBC-Wall Street Journal poll, which asked people whether the U.S. should be more or less active in world affairs or whether our involvement should stay roughly the same.

That the percentage of people who want the U.S. to be “less active” in world affairs hasquadrupled over the last 13 years is absolutely remarkable — even when you consider our interventionist tendencies had likely reached a bit of an artificial high in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

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