Muslims, Sikhs sue CA go-kart track over headwear rules

Muslims, Sikhs sue CA go-kart track over headwear rules

[Ed. – Of course they do.]

Four Muslim families and one Sikh family filed complaints against Boomers, a chain of family entertainment centers, for discrimination. They claim that the safety rules at the chain’s go-cart tracks, which forbids the wearing of any head dressings or scarves, violates their religious freedom rights.

Making this story even weirder is that these families have filed complaints with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing. …

One of the complainers, Nasir Abdo, filed on behalf of his daughter, Noorah Abdo, alleging violations based on the company’s unwillingness to allow patrons to wear religious head coverings on the go-karts. …

Abdo complained to the manager who informed him that it was company safety policy to ban anything worn on the head or neck while riding the go-carts. The manager then showed Abdo the policy in writing, which states:

We do not allow any headwear or neckwear on go-karts. This includes hats, caps, visors, ear muffs, head phones, bandanas, scarves, ribbons, bows, neckties, turbans, yarmulkes, hijabs, doo-wraps, wigs or head wraps of any kind.

Abdo says he was shocked when he read the policy, but it’s not some busybody rights infringement attempt; it’s based on real tragedies that have occurred. The Boomers safety policy continues:

Around the world, people have died when hajabs, scarves and other lengthy headwear or neckwear became entangled into a go-kart’s wheels or engine causing violent neck breaks and crushed windpipes. In one horrific accident … a woman was literally decapitated when her hijab was snagged around her neck and she crashed into a wall.

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