Condi Rice appointed to Dropbox board: Racist, intolerant left pounces

Condi Rice appointed to Dropbox board: Racist, intolerant left pounces

The intolerant bullies on the left are at it again. Republican Condoleeza Rice, Former Secretary of State under President George W. Bush, was named to the Board of Directors for Dropbox, the online cloud storage site. Believing they have the right to determine who serves in certain positions and actively working to oust those with whose politics they disagree, the bigoted, haters on the left are already calling for a  boycott of Dropbox, demanding that Rice be kicked off the board immediately.

The Daily Caller reports on the almost instant formation of a petition and website demanding that Dropbox drop kicks Rice.

Tell Drew Houston [Dropbox CEO]: unless you remove Condoleezza Rice from the Dropbox Board, I, and/or my organization, will stop using Dropbox and move to an alternative cloud storage provider,” the site reads.

Visitors are then encouraged to post to Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag ‘DropDropbox,’ and even to use alternative cloud storage services like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive (ironic, given the recent disclosures by the National Security Agency that Google and Microsoft were among the major Silicon Vally companies complicit in the PRISM bulk surveillance program of internet data).

Rice, who graduated with her Masters from college at the age of 20, has had an extremely successful career as noted by the Dropbox CEO in his statement announcing her appointment.

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