Keystone protester: We’re willing to die to stop this pipeline

Keystone protester: We’re willing to die to stop this pipeline

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On the Ed Show on Monday, host Ed Schultz aired video footage from his interaction with protesters that took part in the ‘Cowboys and Indians’ protest on the National Mall last week in opposition to the Keystone Pipeline. There were several amusing moments, including one protester opining on the relationship of man to “mother earth,” but there was one interview that was decidedly not funny.

One of the protesters, Bryan Brewer of the Ogala Sioux Tribe, without prompting or pushing by Schultz, volunteered that he and his community were willing “to die” to stop the construction of the pipeline:

Protestor: Our people are so passionate. Our people are ready to die. Our people have come up and said we want to be on the front line. We are willing to give our lives to stop this because we know what it’s going to do to the people.

Schultz: Isn’t that dangerous talk?

Protestor: It is. It is dangerous talk.

Schultz: I mean you just said that your people are willing to die for this?

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