California Sikh’s ceremonial dagger conflicts with jury duty

California Sikh’s ceremonial dagger conflicts with jury duty

Next week, Gursant Singh is scheduled for jury duty. He says he’ll be arriving with other members of his community, asking for the chance to serve on a jury.

“I feel very strongly that as a citizen of the United States that I should be able to serve as a juror,” he said.

Despite the fact he’s ready, he may never be allowed in the courthouse.

“They’ve put me in a position,” he said. “Either I violate my code of conduct with my religion, or I break the law.”

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Singh, who is Sikh carries a dagger, known as a kirpan, an important part of the religion he says that must not be removed. …

But he’s been told his jury duty scheduled for next week will require him to show up without the kirpan. State law prohibits weapons of any kind in courthouses.”

Sutter County Jury Commissioner Mary Beth Todd…is trying to come up with alternatives for Singh.

One idea is what some Sikhs have done in other counties, including storing the kirpan with security. …

But that solution doesn’t work for Singh, who has taken to YouTube to bolster support. he says he would rather be arrested than undermine his beliefs.

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