Kerry heroically tags Russia Today as ‘propaganda bullhorn’ for Moscow

Kerry heroically tags Russia Today as ‘propaganda bullhorn’ for Moscow

[Ed. – Of course RT is a propaganda bullhorn for Moscow.  What difference, at this point, does that make? Note: italics in original.]

John Kerry has attacked RT for its coverage of the Ukraine crisis, calling it a “propaganda bullhorn.” Neglecting to address the US’ role in the conflict or back up his assertions with any evidence, Kerry said Russia was behind the unrest in Ukraine.

During a press conference with the State Department on Thursday, Secretary of State John Kerry rounded on RT, lashing out at its   Ukraine coverage.

“The propaganda bullhorn that is the state-sponsored RT program has been deployed to promote – actually, RT network – has   been deployed to promote President Putin’s fantasy about what is playing out on the ground,” Kerry said. Furthermore, he said RT spends almost all its time “propagandizing and distorting what is happening, or not happening, in Ukraine.”

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov…decried John Kerry’s latest comments about RT as “uncivilized” and “prosecutorial.”

“[The West] was convinced for some time that it had a full monopoly on mass media,” said Lavrov in a statement.   “Russia Today has won a large audience in the US and Western Europe, not to mention in Latin America and the Arab world.”

[Tag point: these men are deciding our future as you read this. – Ed.]

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