If you want to save the planet, don’t pick up your dog’s poop

If you want to save the planet, don’t pick up your dog’s poop

Picking up your dogs poop may actually be worse for the environment than just leaving it where it is! You see, dog poop is actually the perfect metaphor for so many of the various unintended consequences of the green movement, such as ethanol, biofuels,or coal-fired plants that produce electricity.

Allow me to explain. I know what you’re going to say: if you live in a big city you don’t want your dog defecating on the sidewalk, okay I get that. However, people don’t think about the unintended consequences.

All of you well intentioned people picking up after your dogs and putting the poop in a plastic bag, consider this: you have now put dog poop in a plastic bag where it will stay intact in a landfill for the next 30 years! If you had just left it alone it would be gone in a couple days.

Now that’s green!

So if you really care about saving the environment, don’t pick up after your dog and the next time someone gives you a dirty look for not picking up after your dog, tell them it’s because you’re trying to save the earth.

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