‘Basic’: A beginner’s guide to everyone’s favorite new insult

‘Basic’: A beginner’s guide to everyone’s favorite new insult

[Ed. – Explanatory journalism]

Over the past month, people across this great nation found themselves looking in the mirror and asking themselves one thing: am I basic?

“Basic” and its more aggressive counterpart, “basic bitch,” have been in usage for years now, but there’s been a spike in popularity of the slang term recently. Rihanna declared open season on basics, saying that the set of her video “Pour it Up” was a “no basic zone;” men’s websites have been instructed not to date a basic; and recently, VICE shamed Coachella’s music lineup by hinting that the music festival might be a playground for the basic.

You might have questions. In particular, you might be wondering what in the world the insult even means. So here’s a short guide that will hopefully calm your fears and, at the same time, help you understand the current pop culture fascination with the term.

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