Actual Cherokees still waiting to meet Elizabeth Warren

Actual Cherokees still waiting to meet Elizabeth Warren

Warren will be launching a nationwide book tour.  Someone who wants to meet Warren is Twila Barnes.

Barnes is the Cherokee Genealogist whose groundbreaking genealogical research exposed the falsehood to Warren’s claims.  Barnes and her team of Cherokee genealogists traced Warren’s family lines back to the early 1800s and documented that Warren’s family not only was not Cherokee or other Native American, but also that they never lived as such…

Barnes also debunked much of the “family lore” used by Warren to justify claiming Native American status.  One of my favorites was Barnes’ discovery that Warren’s maternal great grandfather, on the supposedly Cherokee bloodline, was featured in the local newspaper in 1906 as being white and having shot an Indian. And also Barnes’ discovery that Warren’s parents’ wedding was joyously announced in the local newspaper, which would contradict Warren’s claim that her parents had to elope because her father’s family would not tolerate their son marrying an Indian.

When it was discovered that Warren had claimed minority status in the 1980′s in a law directory used for recruiting, Warren responded that she listed herself that way to meet other Native Americans, perhaps for lunch.  (Seriously.)

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But when Barnes and other Cherokee women flew to Boston to try to meet with Warren to present the genealogical evidence that Warren was not actually Cherokee, Warren not only refused, she used her communications team to attack the women.  The Cherokee women never got to meet Warren.

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