San Francisco’s ‘Covered CA’ insured not showing up for care

San Francisco’s ‘Covered CA’ insured not showing up for care

“Here’s the mystery: Why aren’t Bay Area doctors’ offices, hospitals, clinics and other health care providers being inundated with patients?” asks reporter Chris Rauber.

Indeed, health industry analysts expected that “pent-up” demand for overdue procedures and tests would correspond with an increase in doctor visits by the newly-insured. But so far that is not happening.

Health Access California Executive Director Anthony Wright hypothesized that perhaps people do not know how to use their new insurance. …

Another explanation may be that the newly-insured are only now learning what high deductibles mean. …

Another possible explanation is that the vast majority of people who have signed up for Obamacare already had insurance. …

Finally, some Californians are learning that Obamacare’s narrow networks – extreme restrictions of access to doctors and hospitals – may mean that nearby doctors and hospitals do not accept their Obamacare plans. As Breitbart News reported, some California plans force patients to drive over 100 miles to find the nearest doctor who will accept their Obamacare insurance.

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