Obamacare is on a winning streak

Obamacare is on a winning streak

Obamacare hasn’t “won”—but it’s making a pretty impressive run.

The headlines about the Affordable Care Act have turned positive lately, and they’re starting to pile up. The most dire predictions from the law’s critics simply haven’t panned out, and now Democrats are headed into another big health care fight—the confirmation of a new Health and Human Services secretary—with stronger real-world evidence than they’ve had before.

There’s important information we still don’t have about enrollment, and big risks loom on the horizon. Things could change. But right now, the tide seems to be turning in the White House’s favor.

Narratives feed on themselves, and there was a time when Obamacare just kept losing. HealthCare.gov didn’t work. That made the uproar over canceled plans worse. And that spurred policy “solutions” from the White House that made it seem even more like the law didn’t work. Enrollment was embarrassingly low. The bad news snowballed, and the White House seemed to have dropped the ball on its most important domestic priority.

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