Mother who has never worked advises teen daughter to live off the state

Mother who has never worked advises teen daughter to live off the state

[Ed. – What a relief! The family lives in Britain. This could never happen here.]

A jobless mother has provoked anger by urging her teenage daughter to get pregnant for an easy life on benefits.

Sinead Clarkson, 36, has no qualifications, has never worked and rakes in £1,200 a month from the State.

She has now admitted encouraging her 19-year-old daughter Melissa to follow her shameless example and ‘work the system’ by having a baby.

Melissa became pregnant six months ago, and is now in line for an extra £400 a month courtesy of taxpayers when her baby is born, as well as a two-bedroom council house.

Her mother, who has another daughter, Amie, aged 12, said: ‘I am better off on benefits. I refuse to work for a pittance and struggle.

‘I don’t have any qualifications so it is easier to claim money than persuade an employer to give me a job.

‘I told Melissa to work the system and have a baby so she could claim more benefits, get a house of her own and have a better life.

‘I don’t want her to work for peanuts in a low-pay job.’

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