Obama to tout $600M job training effort

Obama to tout $600M job training effort

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President Obama will announce $600 million in government job training initiatives Tuesday in Pennsylvania, as the White House again looks to break through news coverage of the Ukraine crisis to highlight its work on the economy.

During a visit to a western Pennsylvania community college, Obama will announce that the Department of Labor is accepting completive [sic] bids for $500 million in federal funding intended to help community colleges and employers develop training programs.

The White House says it wants to fund programs that help community colleges partner with national industry organizations. Ideally, the programs would train students to earn industry-recognized credentials — like networking certifications for information technology workers — that could give employers confidence that individuals were qualified for complex, high-paying jobs.

A senior administration official said that such programs created a “straightforward path” for prospective employees, since those making hiring decisions could see and validate explicitly what qualifications candidates had.

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