‘After birth abortion’: Yes, you read that right

‘After birth abortion’: Yes, you read that right

You know the world is upside down when the phrase “after birth abortion” exists.  Wondering what that means?  It means just what you think.  Killing healthy babies after they are born.

I guess I’ve grown a little numb to the evil of abortions performed in utero, or maybe I’ve just heard one too many pro-choice arguments, so I can almost wrap my mind around how a liberal person could justify something so despicable.  Not enough people have heard about the truth behind what goes on in these abortion clinics – clinics like the house of horrors run by Kermit Gosnell – who was killing babies after they were born, left and right.

But, this?

Two years ago, two bioethicists, Alberto Giubilini and Frencesca Minerva wrote a medical ethics paper with this shockingly horrible “after birth abortion” concept.

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