Self-hating journo in S.F. brought attack on himself by wearing Google Glass

Self-hating journo in S.F. brought attack on himself by wearing Google Glass

[Ed. – There’s something beyond Google Derangement Syndrome — and Mr. Russell has it.]

When Yahoo buses are vomited upon and Google lawyers are the targets of a protest for allegedly evicting teachers from their homes, you’d conceive that things can only get worse.

And then there’s Google Glass.

Already the subject of an altercation in a San Francisco bar, now it appears to have incited violence on the street.

Business Insider journalist Kyle Russell says he was walking in the city’s Mission District when someone came toward him, put his hand in his face, yelled “Glass!” and ripped the device off.

Russell said: “I ran after, through traffic, to the corner of the opposite block. The  person pivoted, shifting their weight to put all of their momentum into  an overhand swing. The Google Glass smashed into the ground, and they ran in another direction.” …

[H]e understands that anything to do with Google “has come to represent gentrification in the city.”

He said: “My love for gadgets makes me look and sound like one of the people whom residents of the city have come to feel oppressed by.” …

The “well, you were asking for it” defense is troubling here.

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