Evil Google lawyer ends tenant leases when he buys San Francisco building

Evil Google lawyer ends tenant leases when he buys San Francisco building

[Ed. – Apparently, this is big news. Bonus point: it never seems to occur to the left to question city policies, when it comes to why rent is so high in San Francisco.]

Is it “evil” when a wealthy Google lawyer buys a seven-unit apartment building in San Francisco’s Mission District, and then proceeds to evict all the existing renters, including at least one San Francisco elementary school teacher? The answer to that question probably depends on whether you think the normal practice of capitalism is evil, or just, well, normal.

Friday marks the third time in the last three months that protesters against tech-economy driven gentrification have targeted individual Google employees at their homes. Whatever one might think of that tactic, it’s hard to argue with the made-for-YouTube poignancy of this particular action. We don’t know exactly what Jack Halprin plans to do with his Dolores Avenue mansion, but the optics of this mess aren’t good. Evicting public school teachers from their apartments never looks good. If, as Halprin appeared to suggest to Mission Local he might end up simply occupying the entire building himself, well, that looks outright terrible.

For the activists, Jack Halprin connects all the dots. Google to evictions to San Francisco housing crisis to runaway gentrification. See what the tech economy has wrought!

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