Contemptible John Kerry blames Israel for his own mess

Contemptible John Kerry blames Israel for his own mess

[Ed. – Lurch moves from one failure in life to another.]

John Kerry, our secretary of state, is very angry with Israel. “Poof,” he said on Tuesday — describing how Israel destroyed his “peace process” the other week. Just like that.

The first thing to say is that if a peace process can go “poof,” it can’t have been much of a peace process. Any serious discussion in which two parties are motivated to reach a negotiated arrangement wouldn’t be susceptible to going up in smoke all at once.

That would indicate it never had any form or substance to begin with.

And how on earth was it Israel who made Kerry’s fantasy deal go “poof”? After all, it sure looked like the key moment that tossed Kerry’s “peace process” onto the dung­heap of history was last week’s Palestinian decision to seek membership as a sovereign country in international organizations — a move that’s always been universally seen as complete rejection of negotiating a “two-state solution.”

Not according to Kerry, who apparently sees it as a justifiable response by the Palestinians to unconscionable Israeli actions.

In Kerry’s telling, the first death blow came when the Israeli government refused to release 26 murderous terrorists from its jails.

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