Obama plans to redistribute school tax dollars and educational opportunities

Obama plans to redistribute school tax dollars and educational opportunities

President Obama’s plan to redistribute wealth includes the prosperity nestled in the suburbs. Regional Equity Taxation is being used by the federal government to control property taxes, to limit the development of “greed- filled” suburban communities, to undercut state autonomy in education, and to create an environment where states are forced to accept federal educational policies — all requirements for successful redistribution.

Regional equity, state equalization, regional tax-base sharing, and smart growth are some code words which stand for a federal process by which tax dollars will be taken from one community to equalize services, including educational opportunities, in neighboring districts. Myron Orfield wrote The Region And Taxation: School Finance, Cities And The Hope For Regional Reform for Rutgers which explains that “school districts’ traditional reliance on local property taxes has been effectively lessened by state equalization.” Once people surrender their property rights, protecting educational opportunities becomes more difficult.

Legislators will continue enjoying their estates. When their property taxes increase, they will vote themselves a raise and tax increases for the public.

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