New Jersey ‘man’ strapped toddler into child seat, threw her in river

New Jersey ‘man’ strapped toddler into child seat, threw her in river

In 2011, Arthur Morgan III, who was angry with his girlfriend at the time for breaking off their engagement, said he was taking his daughter to a movie. Instead, he took the little girl, Tierra Morgan-Glover on a drive to a local bridge. There, strapping her into her pink car seat weighted down with a tire jack to make sure it would sink, he flung the toddler over the rail and into the water below.

According to his own testimony, he did not even bother to wait around to watch what he had done.

“I still heard some noises,” the sicko dad reported as he left the scene. “I heard her. She sounded like she was crying.”

Experts said that the little girl may have been conscious and struggling for three minutes once submerged and may have been alive a few minutes after that. Her body was eventually found, one tiny shoe showing above the water, 20 miles from her home in a creek bed. …

[I]n a stunning display of callousness during reading of the verdict… Morgan winked and smiled broadly in the courtroom after he found he had been convicted of murder.

“Oh God,” one woman wailed, coming face to face with the lack of remorse in the sicko dad’s face.

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