The new Bush-Cheney regime?

The new Bush-Cheney regime?

Between the near coronation of Jeb Bush at an event honoring his dad’s presidency, and Liz Cheney’s defense of her dad’s policies, it was a good weekend for Republican royalty.

There’s not much to say about Cheney — except that this is the perfect illustration of the revolving door.

With a few exceptions, the scions of political power never really go away, and can only fail forward. After failing to big foot a sitting U.S. Senator in Wyoming, Cheney hasn’t missed a beat, returning (back in November) to her coveted panel perch on Sunday Mornings, and to her (unofficial?) role as the chief defender of The Dick Cheney Legacy Project® (as evidenced by Sunday’s appearance).

Arguably, this is the sweeter gig. (What would you rather do on a Sunday morning, go speak to some VFW pancake breakfast in Laramie?)

Of course, Jeb Bush is the big story, inasmuch as he is the potential 2016 Republican presidential nominee. Let me remind you how this works out…

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